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Raised in Los Angeles around the film and television industry, Gretchen Ho moved to Colorado in 1994 and has since been in commercials, independent films, episodic web series, and has done character voiceovers for episodic podcasts. Additionally, Gretchen is a martial arts studio owner and instructor and has been teaching for over 25 years.  She has written, directed and acted in several martial arts short films and has done fight scene choreography for stage productions, short films, and video series skits.  A professional flutist with a degree in music performance, Gretchen has performed in orchestras and chamber music ensembles, as well as recorded studio music for animated cartoons and various recording artists.  With a love for performing and collaborating with other artists, Gretchen is constantly looking for new and challenging creative projects.

As a busy mother of three (who are all actors/models! ), Gretchen has the stamina, know-how, determination and gumption to get projects done with extreme professionalism.